To help make your visit to Christmas Town  
as enjoyable as possible here are some 
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about Christmas Town  

How much does it cost...

The light display is FREE, no cost whatsoever.

Can I walk through...

Yes, walking is a great way to see the Christmas lights, the decorated homes and to hear the sounds of the church chimes.  

However, when walking through, PLEASE stay on the sidewalks and never go in the yards or on porches of our residents.  The decorated homes
are private residences,  please be respectful while walking through.

Where can I park and what is the cost...

We have three parking areas in town; 
1.  A parking lot is located behind the McAdenville Baptist Church/Caromont Clinic. 

2.  Another lot is located behind the Village Restaurant. The Restaurant is located on Main Street in the small business area of town. 

3.  A large parking lot is located beside the lake in the heart of
Christmas Town
; feel free to park at any of three locations at NO COST.

Will my vehicle be safe...

While the town of McAdenville cannot guarantee your vehicle will be totally safe, police do patrol the streets each night.

If I decide to drive through instead of walking, how long does it take  once I enter town...

That depends, in order for visitors to see the homes and the thousands of lights etc, vehicles move very slowly through town.  The route is approximately 1.3 miles long, on weekends it may take 30-45 minutes to drive the full route, most weeknights it will take less time.

How many routes through town, and which is the best one to see all of the lights...

There is only one route through Christmas Town.   If you enter town from Interstate 85, once you get to the town limits, continue through town until you reach U.S. Highway 29-74. At this point you will leave Christmas Town.

If you enter town from U.S. 29-74 (coming from the Charlotte area) continue through town until you reach Interstate 85. At this point you will leave Christmas Town .

Are hayrides permitted...

Yes, however, the wagon etc. used for the hayrides must be pulled by a motor vehicle. Animals pulling wagons etc. are not permitted on the Christmas Town route. The town of McAdenville does not provide nor sponsor hayrides

My riding club would like to come through on horse back, is this permitted?

NO - Animals providing transportation are not permitted on the Christmas Town route. 

Are the light turned on in Inclement Weather?

Yes, 30 timers throughout town turn the lights on and off regardless of the weather conditions.

I have a Dog, are animals allowed to walk thru Christmas Town with their owner?

Yes, however, all animals MUST be on a leash and controlled by there owner.

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