Christmas Town Ornament

    Hand-made in McAdenville North Carolina  - USA 

This year's ornament depicts the Community Fireplace at Legacy Park.

Built in 2013, it is the focal point for residents and visitors for the tradition of the 
Yule Log and Christmas Festivals during the Christmas Lights

The full story of  The Community Fireplace is included with each ornament sold.

Also,  a portion of your purchase price will be donated to the McAdenville Women's Club
to benefit the community of McAdenville.

Design - Deea Dirks
Artwork - Mary Lee Abernathy

   Please note:

To order by mail- send payment to Deea Dirks PO Box 215 McAdenville NC 28101

Ornament - $12.00 postage and handling $3.00 Total = $15.00

Please enclose a valid mailing address. 

Ornaments from 2000-2011 are also available.


              Questions or information about purchasing this year's Christmas Town Ornaments
Deea or Russ Dirks......

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