Christmas Town Ornament

   Hand-made in McAdenville North Carolina  - USA

The Pharr House, "Green Leaves" was built in 1890 for Robert R. Ray of McAden Mills
Mr. Ray and his family lived there until 1935.

Willian J. Pharr (1898-1981) and his wife Catherine Stowe Pharr (1904-1997) and their children,
William Jr. and Catherine Ann acquired the home after the purchase of McAden Mills in 1939.

Mr. Pharr later became president of Pharr Yarns and Mayor of McAdenville from 1939-1964.
Catherine Ann Pharr Carstarphen remembers: "My family moved into the house in 1939,
from then on-my parents created a place of love, warmth and graciousness.
not only for my family, but also for the community".

At Christmastime, Mrs. Carstarphen recalls: "The home reflected my parents love
of the Christmas season-what it meant and all the joy that went with it"


Catch up on the past.... Ornaments from the years of 1987-2018 are also available. 

Design - Deea Dirks
Artwork - Russ Dirks

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PO Box 215 McAdenville NC 28101

Ornament - $14.00 postage and handling $4.00 Total = $18.00

Please enclose a valid mailing address. 

Ornaments from 1987-2018 are also available.


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