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In loving memory of Mr. and Mrs. William James Pharr
founders of the McAdenville Christmas Lights
and the Yule Log Parade and Ceremony.

Join us on Friday,  December 13 for the Annual
Yule Log Parade and Ceremony
beginning at 5:30 P. M. 
in front of 
Pharr Yarns Main Office
in the heart of McAdenville
The Yule Log Parade will start at 5:45 P.M.

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Another Christmas Tradition in McAdenville is the
Yule Log Parade, an event that began in 1950.

Each year, residents and visitors follow the Yule Log
which is pulled by children on a sled through 
town to Legacy Park located on Elm Street in downtown McAdenville.
Once the log is positioned in the open fireplace it is ignited. 
At this point the audience joins together in the singing of Christmas carols.

The thrill of being a child in McAdenville......
 Is the night of the Yule Log Parade, children scramble to get a hand somewhere 
on the rope to help pull the Yule Log  
through town to it's final

   This tradition always ends with a visit from Santa Claus

What are the origins of the Yule Log and its annual celebration in McAdenville?

In England, for many centuries, members of a community would venture into the forest and cut a tree. Preferably oak- which is said to bring healing, strength and wisdom. They cut the biggest tree they could because it had to burn for the twelve days of Christmas.

            Once cut, the log was dragged home with much celebration. As many people as possible grabbed onto the ropes to help pull, because doing so meant good luck in the coming year. The log was lit in a large fireplace by a scrap of burned log carefully preserved from the previous year, a practice that ensured the continuity of good fortune – not only from year to year, but also from generation to generation. The fire represents the light of our savior.

            In the late 1940’s, Mr. William J. Pharr and his wife, Catherine attended a celebration in England. Loving Christmas and our town as they did; The Yule Log ceremony was adopted by McAdenville in 1950 as a symbol of community and that to have light is better than to live in darkness- centering around the Christ Child. There is a saying here that anyone who participates in the parade will have good fortune in the year to come.       

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