Planning to visit McAdenville – Christmas Town ???…

Best time to see the Christmas Lights

If possible visit on Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday or Thursday nights. A tremendous increase in Traffic occurs on Friday – Saturday and Sunday nights


Please remember the times ….

Monday – Friday----5:30 until 9:30 PM
Saturday and Sunday 5:30 until 11:00 PM

Lights will go off regardless of the number of cars in line. All Christmas Lights in the common areas of town are on timers, which turn the lights on and off at pre-set times


Town Ordinance

Does not allow Vendors anywhere in the town limits of McAdenville during the month of December

Professional or Amateur Operators of…
Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) - including Drones, are prohibited by the FAA and by Town Ordinance from flying unmanned system in McAdenville


Private Residents

Walking is a great way to see the Christmas lights, the decorated homes and to hear the sounds of the church chimes.  
However, when walking through, PLEASE stay on the sidewalks and never go in the yards or on porches of our residents.  The decorated homes are private residences, please be respectful while walking


Questions and Answers

How much does it cost...
The light display is FREE, no cost whatsoever.

Where can I park and what is the cost...
We have four parking areas in town;
1. A parking lot is located behind the McAdenville Baptist Church/Caromont Clinic.

2. Another lot is located behind the Village Restaurant. The Restaurant is located on Main Street in the small business area of town. 

3. A large parking lot is located beside the lake in the heart of Christmas Town.

4. A parking lot beside the McAdenville Elemerty School is a great place to park for thoses entering from US Highway 29-74

Feel free to park at any of four locations at NO COST.


How long is the route thru Christmas Town
The route is approximately 1.3 miles long, on weekends it may take 30-45 minutes to drive the full route, most weeknights it will take less time.


Entrance and Exit Points
There is only one route through Christmas Town. If you enter town from Interstate 85, once you get to the town limits, continue through town until you reach U.S. Highway 29-74. At this point you will leave Christmas Town.

If you enter town from U.S. 29-74 (coming from the Charlotte area) continue through town until you reach Interstate 85. At this point you will leave Christmas Town .


Are hayrides permitted
Yes, however, the wagon etc. used for the hayrides must be pulled by a Motor Vehicle. Animals pulling Wagons, Horseback Riding etc. are not permitted on the Christmas Town Route.


Are the light turned on in Inclement Weather
Yes, more then30 timers throughout town turn the lights on and off regardless of the weather conditions.


I have a Dog, are animals allowed to walk thru Christmas Town with their owner?
Yes, however, all animals MUST be on a leash and controlled by their owner.