In addition to the local media coverage, McAdenville also received National and International  coverage......

* 1980, Charles Kuralt on his "Morning Show" gave nationwide television coverage to the beauty of McAdenville and placed it on the map as Christmas Town U.S.A.

* 1989, Christmas Town was featured in "Guidepost Magazine".

* 1990, Pat Robertson's "700 Club" also gave nation wide television coverage to the extravaganza.

* 1997, after finding Christmas Town USA on the internet, ABC's "Good Morning America", broadcast a LIVE report from McAdenville as several hundred residents gathered to appear on the show.

* 2000, Cable Network "HGTV" gave world-wide coverage to McAdenville, Christmas Town USA in their Christmas special "Christmas Across America".

* 2002, Cable News Network "MSNBC" aired a news report about the lights in Christmas Town USA.

* 2004, Cable Network "Turner South"   featured McAdenville's Christmas Lights on their Blue Ribbon series.

US Airways Magazine produced an article about McAdenville's Christmas Lights in 2007. 

Each year dozens of request for photos and general information comes from in-state and out-of-state newspapers and magazines. 

The Montel Williams Show requested interviews with McAdenville residents. A camera crew was dispatched to McAdenville and interviewed  8 residents. In December 2005, McAdenville was featured on Montel's show.

2011 -  YAHOO named McAdenville Christmas Town USA in it's 10 places in the Nation to visit during the month of December. 

December 2013 - The Fox Television Network  broadcast a LIVE report from Christmas Town on their Fox and Friends morning show. Two segments were aired live the morning of December 19..

December 2013 - The National Publication - AMERICAN PROFILE featured McAdenville Christmastown USA in it's December 8th publication 

December 2014 - North Carolina - FIELD AND FAMILY featured an article on our Christmas Lights - MCADENVILLE - gets into the holiday spirit with dazzling displays

December 2014  - .Fodor's Travel of New York (Penguin Random House Digital Publishing Group) published an article on Christmas Town USA

December 2014 - Columbia County Magazine located in Martinez, Georgia, ran a 4-page story on Christmas Town USA 


November 2015 - Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority featured the McAdenville Christmas Lights in their magazine "HAPPENINGS". Happenings has a local circulation of more then 25,000 and is distributed throughout the Charlotte, North Carolina region 

November 2015 - Family Circle Magazine, in their November Issue ran photos and an article on our famous Christmas Lights.  Family Circle Magazine is a national publication and  is located in New York City

December 2015 - HGTV Magazine ran an article and photos of  the annual Yule Log Parade and Ceremony

December 2015 - American Profile's Community Table magazine, a sister publication to Parade magazine featured an article with photos of our annual Yule Log Parade and Ceremony

November 2015 - Mid-Atlantic Events Magazine located in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
The magazine  has articles on upcoming events and  holiday trips in the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast/South-Atlantic. McAdenville...Christmas Town was featured in their November Issue

Campbell Ewald, the agency of record for OnStar,  
developed a story called, “Christmassiest Towns” and used 
McAdenville - Christmas Town USA as one of their “Christmassiest Towns”
They ranked McAdenville # 2........Below is the link to ON-STAR....

Business North Carolina magazine,  a regional business publication featured McAdenville's famous Christmas Lights in their December 2015 issue

Chattanooga (Tennessee) Times Free Press featured McAdenville in it's  Tennessee Valley Parents Magazine, as one of the places to take your children for the Christmas Holidays.. 

USA TODAY featured McAdenville - Christmas Town USA in it's  top 10 Best places to visit in December. McAdenville will be competing with towns and cities around the world....results will be announced late....
Well at last...
.The voting is over and the results are in... MCADENVILLE, CHRISTMAS TOWN USA is # 3 
or the complete list of winners.....

The  North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), in their December news letter. titled --- Helping Travelers Visit Christmas Town, USA in McAdenville ---- provided photos and information for the news media and the public related to the McAdenville light display. 

La Noticia: The Spanish- Language Newspaper ran an article with photos about McAdenville, Christmas Town USA in their December issue

Newsmax an on-line newspaper listed McAdenville # 1 of the Top 50 Christmas Destinations in America. McAdenville’s appeal to the heartland and its embrace of traditional American values landed it in the top spot.

The world-famous Radio City Rockettes, incorporated photos of Christmas Town USA  in a Holiday Special titled, "The most-fascinating Christmas traditions around the U.S."  and voted McAdenville - Christmas Town USA # 7
 the link below....

Also, follow the ROCKETTES ON....
Rockettes' Facebook:
Rockettes’ Twitter: @Rockettes
Rockettes’ Instagram: @TheRockettes

Redfin is a on-line Real Estate Company...each year they put out an annual list of the best places to see holiday lights in the country, and McAdenville made #2 on the list! 
Click here see the article:

Home Owners Insurance featured McAdenville as one of  the most Festive Christmas Cities in America.
The full post can be found here:

In 2015, TF1 The French Television Network re-visited McAdenville and produced another program on Christmas Town USA
The video production was aired in France on December 23. The link to the French TV Station....PLEASE COPY AND PASTE INTO YOUR BROWSER.....

Getaways for Grownups an on-line magazine featured Christmas Town USA  in their December issue. 




* Lucky Puppy Magazine, located in Irvine, California. 

* Hickory Daily Record, a newspaper located in Hickory, N. C. 

* Regional Management Corp. located in Greenville, SC. included a scene from Christmas Town in it's 2017 calendar
  (Beauty in  America) that will be distributed to their customers throughout the USA.

* Country Magazine, located in  Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

* Where Magazine, corporate office, Augusta, Georgia, with offices throughout the USA.....  
   List McAdenville as one of ---- The Most Wondrous Places to See Christmas Lights.

* Ink, (London England) the world’s biggest publishers of inflight magazines and inflight media, 
   included an article and photos in  their magazine "
The American Way"

* Our State (North Carolina) Magazine.

* Denver (Colorado) Life Magazine.

* Southern Living Magazine.

* Charlotte (North Carolina) Parent Magazine.


* The  North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).....Information for travelers who plan to visit Christmas Town 

* Tasting Table web site, featured McAdenville in their collection of 7 of the Best Small Towns for Christmas Celebrations 
    in the U.S.  To see how Christmas Town ranked, check Tasting Table's link below....

   You can also find TASTING TABLE  on Facebook, Twitter and

* MSN...On their web sites, List McAdenville as one of the  American Towns That Does Christmas 
 right..links below...

 * The Radio City Rockettes named McAdenville # 7 out of 10 Christmas Loving Towns in the link below..


 * NEA Travel, a monthly newsletter published by the National Education Association for its 3 million members.

 *Carolina Parent and Charlotte Parent featured a story about McAdenville's Christmas lights as one of the best holiday light 
   displays in the North Carolina..

* DeSoto Magazine....which is published throughout Mississippi and  the Memphis Tennessee area. ran an article and photos
   about Christmas Town in their December issue

* @Connector Magazine, published in Charlotte, North Carolina, with an on-line publication that reaches over 2-Million in the
   Charlotte area. Please check their article on Christmas Town USA.....

* The Herald-Journal located in Spartanburg, South Carolina featured Christmas Town in their December issue of the
   Spartanburg Magazine. 

* Digital Travel Magazine -- Trips To Discover.... Featured Christmas Town U.S.A. in an article on the Top 6 
   Holiday Events not  to miss in North Carolina...check the article on-line at...

 * To help people looking for ways to get in the holiday spirit scoured the country to find the top 25 festive
 McAdenville AKA CHRISTMAS TOWN USA was named for its annual Tree Lighting ceremony, Yule Log Parade 
   along Main Street, and all around holiday cheer that welcome visitors with seasons greetings.
   Click the link below to see CHRISTMAS TOWN USA and the other 24 festive destinations....

* Arcadia Publishing in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina listed McAdenville as one of the 14 Best Small-Town Christmas  
   Celebrations and Light Shows. Check the site our at....

* Southern Living in there December issue published an article called "Now's the Time to Plan Your Trip to "Christmas Town  

 * AWOL, a youth travel site in Australia published in partnership with *Qantas, ran  an article about Christmas Town to tell 
    AUSTRALIA how the USA celebrates the Christmas Season.
    Check the article.....

*Qantas Airways is the flag carrier of Australia  and its largest airline by fleet size, international flights and international  
       destinations. It is the third oldest airline in the world.

  *  lifestyle and travel magazine ran an article called....."The 20 Most Christmas-y Towns in America" 
      click link below...

   * The Daily Meal in New York. ran an article about the best Christmas Lights display in each state and 
      chose to include, McAdenville.... CHRISTMAS TOWN USA in North Carolina. Check the kink below...



* Southern Travel and Lifestyle Magazine, Located in Franklin Tennessee  published an article about McAdenville's famous
  Christmas lights.  Check it out on the internet staring December 1, 2018......

* Southbound Magazine in Atlanta Georgia,  published an article in October about our famous Christmas Lights.
  The article appeared in the Fall/Winter issue. Click the link  below...

* MACARONI KID NATIONAL FAMILY TRAVEL....Located in Bridgehampton, New York.... Included an article 
   on Christmas Town USA in there  December E-Magazine.....

 *Charlotte Living Magazine published an article in there December on-line magazine about our famous Christmas Lights......

 * The Hickory Daily Record Newspaper in Hickory, NC.  Gave their readers information on our lighting ceremony an article...
    called .....5 things to do the first of December .

 *Duke Energy Magazine featured Christmas Town USA as one of Holiday light displays that are worth a look.... in their 
  coverage  area.....

 * Trees - Charlotte, included an article in their winter magazine - THE LEAFLET about our beautiful "Christmas Trees" in 
    Christmas Town USA.... 

*USA Today Newspaper ran a contest of The 20 Best Public Holiday Lights Display in the Nation.  
  Voting started on November 12tth and ran until December 10th.      
  On Friday December 21, 2018, the winners were announced and McAdenville - Christmas Town came in 4th in the top ten. 
   Winners are listed below.... for more information, click below.

                                                     1. Festival of Lights - Riverside, Calif.
                                                     2. Legendary Lights of Clifton Mill - Clifton Mill
                                                     3. Bentleyville "Tour of Lights" - Duluth, Minn.
Christmas Town USA - McAdenville, N.C.
                                                     5. Holiday Light Show - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
                                                     6. Austin Trail of Lights - Austin
                                                     7. The Lights of Christmas - Stanwood, Wash.
                                                     8. Nights of Lights - St. Augustine, Fla.
                                                     9. Lights Under Louisville - Louisville
                                                    10. Chickasha Festival of Light - Chickasha, Okla.

   *The Gaston Gazette, Gaston County's largest daily newspaper on Saturday after the announcement of 
      McAdenville's 4th place win nation wide, ran  front page  headlines  and coverage of the contest....

   * ESPN ....The Sports Network on Monday, December 17, 2018 aired a video clip about McAdenville's famous Christmas Lights  
      During the Monday Night Football broadcast of the Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints. 



*Martha Stewart Living - Web Site in New York City compiled a list of Best Christmas Destinations for their readers. This list 
  included a photo of McAdenville, Christmas Town USA.

*The Digital Magazine - Out Here -  located in Nashville, Tennessee,  published an article in their November issue about our 
  famous Christmas Lights.  Check the link below for the story.  

 *Murfreesboro ((Tennessee) Magazine - Home (Away) published an article along with photos of   Christmas Town USA in their   
   November 2019 issue. Check the link below for the story. Link below.

  *Red Tricycle, A magazine dedicated to children is located in.San Francisco
   In their November issue,  The Red Tricycle published photos and an article about 
   McAdenville's famous Christmas Lights.   Click the link below to see the article.

 *CertifiKID is a digital magazine located in Washington, DC. The magazine allowing parents to find the coolest things to do and  
   places to go with their kids. 
   In the December issue, they published an article and photos of our Christmas Town Lights.
   To  see the article, click the link below....

  *Duke Energy ,  Located in Charlotte, N. C. gave Christmas Town coverage in the way of an article in their magazine.

   * It's a Southern Thing, Located in Alabama, highlighted McAdenville's Christmas Town in their December issue. Click the link
     below for the article....  

    *Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority, In Charlotte, North Carolina gave McAdenville-Christmas Town USA, coverage with 
     an article and photos.  Link below....

    *Catholic News Herald, Hispanic section of the Diocese of Charlotte, recognized Christmas Town with an article and
      photos in there bimonthly magazine.

    *The North Carolina Department of Transportation published this release on their website….link below...       

      *Private Aviation Company, XO.  in their latest feature, has McAdenville, Christmas Town USA as one of 4 festive 
       destinations across the U.S. to  head for the holidays. Link below....

     * Narcity Magazine, an on-line magazine located in Vancouver, Canada ran a article and photos 
       about Christmas Town USA. check the article at...

*USA Today Newspaper ran a contest of The 20 Best Public Holiday Lights Display in the Nation.  
       On Friday December 13, 2019, the winners were announced and McAdenville- 
       Christmas Town came in 
2nd in the nation. 

      Winners are listed below.... for more information, click below.

        1. Bentleyville “Tour of Lights” - Duluth, Minn.
2.Christmas Town USA - McAdenville, N.C.
         3.Legendary Lights of Clifton Mill - Clifton Mill
         4.Bright Nights at Forest Park - Springfield, Mass.
         5. Festival of Lights - Riverside, Calif.
         6.Nights of Lights - St. Augustine, Fla.
         7.Holiday Light Show - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
         8.Austin Trail of Lights - Austin
         9.Balboa Park December Nights - San Diego
        10. The Lights of Christmas Festival - Stanwood, Wash.

          A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to pick the initial 20 nominees, 
          and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote.

  To all who voted.... Thank you from Christmas Town USA 


     * For the second year, Narcity Magazine ran, an on-line magazine located in Vancouver, Canada 
        ran an article about McAdenville, Christmas Town USA. Check the article at...

      *Our State Magazine (North Carolina) published photos along with an article and 20 pages of 
        photos of  McAdenville's famous Christmas Lights. on-line by 
subscription only.

     * In mid-November, Families Love Travel,  an on-line Magazine, located in New York City encouraged families
        to travel to McAdenville N. C. to see this beautiful little town where all home and the 
        common areas of town are decorated for the Christmas Season. Check the link below....

     * Located in Dania Beach, Florida - - Chewy - Pet Central,  an on-line magazine 
        and supply store 
 f or pets ran an article on a good place to walk your pets...

     * Trips To Discover,  (located in Sarasota, Florida) digital travel magazine with a monthly readership of over 1.6 million people.
         Named  McAdenville the Most Festive Christmas Town in North Carolina.  

      * Duke Energy ,  Located in Charlotte, N. C. gave Christmas Town coverage in the way of an article in their magazine.

      * Chatham Star-Tribune in Pittsylvania County, Virginia and the  themed edition of Discover Southside magazine had
        an article featuring day trip destinations and included McAdenville, North Carolina - CHRISTMAS TOWN USA.

      * Beyond The Trestle -

       *Raleigh  Lifestyles Magazine - Midtown -   

      *Cary Living Magazine -
        both featured articles and photos in there November issue of McAdenville - Christmas Town USA

       *Charlotte Agenda  - Reminder their subscribers of the date and times of our Christmas Lights.

       * USA TODAY...........


The top ten winners in this category are as follows:

1. Natchitoches Christmas Festival - Natchitoches, Louisiana
2. The Legendary Lights of Historic Clifton Mill - Clifton, Ohio
3. Lights of the Ozarks - Fayetteville, Arkansas
4. Christmas Town USA - McAdenville, North Carolina
5. Austin Trail of Lights - Austin
6. Winterlights - Stockbridge & Canton, Massachusetts
7. Lights on the Lake - Liverpool, New York
8. Lights Under Louisville - Louisville, Kentucky
9. Nights of Lights - St. Augustine, Florida
10. Bright Nights at Forest Park - Springfield, Massachusetts


*Winter issue of NC Field & Family... Link will be added soon....

* For the third year, Narcity Magazine ran, an on-line magazine located in Vancouver, Canada 
    ran an article about McAdenville, Christmas Town USA. Check the article at..
    Link will be added soon....

* Beasley Media Group, in Charlotte, NorthCarolina.....Click the link below for the article.

* Carolina Traveler Daytrip Magazine, located in Cornelius, North Carolina.
   Click the link below for the article on Christmas Town USA.

* SIXT the leading international provider of high-quality mobility services, featured an article, The 20 Most Festive Holiday Towns in the U.S.



Christmas Town has been nominated as Finest Holiday Light Display in the state as part of the
2022 Carolina’s Finest Awards, presented by Carolina Country magazine.

Please check back in November for the article.

AAA Living Magazine, Included an article and photo's of our Christmas Light in their Nnovember/Deceber issue.

South Park Magazine, located in Charlotte, N. C.
Published information about Christmas Town USA in their November issue

USA TODAY     Once again in 2022,  has entered Christmas Town USA in it"s
20 Best Public Holiday Lights Display in the Nation. 
You can vote each day thru
Monday, December 5 at noon EST. The winners will be announced on Friday, December 16.


Small Town - .Big Deal....



Christmas Town USA--- Around the World

* 2003, ARD a TV network from Germany gave Christmas Town it's first International coverage. An ARD Correspondent and video crew arrived in McAdenville on December 1 for 3 days of video taping and interviews with local residents. The report was aired on the ARD network in German in mid-December. ARD is one of the largest TV station in Germany with a coverage of over 5 million viewers.

A German on-line magazine "bild." an on-line version of Europe's largest daily Newspaper reported to their viewers about Christmas Town with photos and an article about this small Southern Town.

T-online, a major player in the European Internet Market averaging more than 2 million hits (viewers per month) also reported on Christmas Town.

In 2006, another on-line request for information and photos was received from an Austrian Newspaper "Osterreich". Million of Austrian's had the opportunity to  read about and see Christmas Town.

In 2007,  TF1 a French Television Network sent it's US Correspondent and Videographer to McAdenville to report on a day in the life of an American Family living in Christmas Town USA. The video production was aired in France in mid December. 
TF1 has more than 10 million viewers every night.

In 2015, TF1 The French Television Network re-visited McAdenville and produced another program on Christmas Town USA
The video production was aired in France on December 23. 

2018, ARD a TV and Radio Network located in Germany visited McAdenville once again. 
This time in the form of a radio broadcast.
The reporter interview several Christmas Town residents.
The radio broadcast was aired on Friday, December 21 on the ARD radio network throughout Germany.

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